Hospital Executive Board

​The Hospital Executive Board is the operational management body and external representative of the University Hospital Zurich. It safeguards the objectives and interests of the UHZ and is predominantly responsible for the fulfillment of primary performance targets. It ensures operational management efficiency and carries out all business not delegated to another body.​



Gregor Zünd, MD

President of the Hospital Executive Board
In office since 2016


Hugo Keune  

Hugo Keune
Vice President of the Hospital Executive Board, Chief Financial Officer 
In office since 2010

Jürg Hodler, MD

Chief Medical Director
In office since 2011

Pietro Giovanoli  
Pietro Giovanoli, MD

Chief Medical Co-director
In office since 2018

Katja Bruni  
Katja Bruni

Director Nursing and Allied Health Care Professions a.i.
In office since 2014

Renate Gröger Frehner

Executive Director Facility Management
In office since 2008

Eugen Schröder  
Dr. Eugen Schröder

Executive Director Corporate Real Estate Management
In office since 2017

Gabriela Senti  
Gabriela Senti, MD

Executive Director Research and Education
In office since 2016

Rolf Curschellas  
Rolf Curschellas

Executive Director Human Resources Management
In office since 2016

Guru Sivaraman  
Guru Sivaraman

Executive Director ICT
In office since 2019

Constant Participant

David Chaksad, JD

Head of the Hospital Executive Board Staff
In office since 2016

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