​​​​​The eight directorates coordinate the departmental and trans-sectoral interests of the University Hospital Zurich. Together with the Hospital Executive Board Staff the directorates provide the internal services for the entire University Hospital.

Medical Office

The Medical Directorate at the USZ performs the following strategic and operational tasks:

  • Collaborations and alliances
  • highly specialized medicine and hospital lists
  • medical planning (AEF)
  • medical centers
  • promotion of medical education and continuing training
  • securing the stationary income

Organizational chart (PDF, German)


Professor Jürg Hodler, MD MBA
Medical Director

Professor Walter Weder, MD
Medical Co-director and Director of Department of Thoracic Surgery

Jörk Volbracht, MD MBA
Head of Medical Controlling
Head of Medical Office

Rudolf Moos, MD
Head of Data Management
Deputy Head of Medical Controlling
Deputy Head of Medical Office

Dr. med. Alfred Bollinger
Head of Medical Statistics and Coding

PD Christiane Brockes, MD
Head of UHZ Online Consulting / Clinical Telemedicine


University Hospital Zurich
Ärztliche Direktion
Rämistrasse 100
8091 Zurich

Tel +41 44 255 86 48
Fax +41 44 255 89 95

Research and Education Office

The Research and Education Office is accountable for all research and teaching activities at the UHZ and oversees communication and collaboration with the University of Zurich.

The objective of research and development is to improve patient quality of life. The UHZ transfers the findings from research more quickly and effectively than its competitors. Innovations from research and development cement the University Hospital's leading role in selected areas.


Professor Gabriela Senti, MD
Executive Director Research and Education


University Hospital Zurich
Direktion Forschung und Lehre
Rämistrasse 100
8091 Zürich

Tel +41 43 253 01 10​

Nursing and Allied Health Professions Office

The Nursing and Allied Health Professions Office is responsible for the nursing profession as well as medico-technical and medico-therapeutic professionals.

Further information

Finance Office

The Finance Office's services provide financial security, transparency and bases for decision-making, and ensure the financial flexibility of the University Hospital Zurich.

To achieve these objectives, the following fiscal principles are observed:

  1. Independence (capital structure, property and real estate, free cash flow)
  2. Security (financial risk management, internal controls, compliance)
  3. Flexibility (financing, equity capitalization)
  4. Profitability (EBIT margin, income and cost management, investment accounting, financial planning)
  5. Liquidity (operating cash flow, net working capital)
  6. Transparency and image (reporting, internal/external communication, public relations)

About 150 employees work daily to achieve their objectives. They are organized into the six areas: management (including staff positions for the internal control system, internal and external audits, processes and projects and financing), patient admissions, tariffs and invoicing, financial accounting services, remuneration accounting services and controlling.

Organizational chart (PDF, German)


Hugo Keune
Chief Financial Officer


University Hospital Zurich
Direktion Finanzen
Rämistrasse 100
8091 Zurich

Tel +41 44 255 11 11

For questions regarding invoices

University Hospital Zurich
Direktion Finanzen
Rämistrasse 100
8091 Zurich

Tel. +41 44 255 30 60
Fax +41 44 255 89 75

Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management ensures that all staff processes run smoothly, with about 75 employees devoted to recruitment, HR consulting, HR development, further education and more. It is also responsible for payroll and staff administration for over 8,000 hospital employees, assisting and advising supervisors with regards to management duties and providing the necessary HR data.

Over 50 internal and around 30 external employees look after the children at the UHZ's three separate kindergartens, ensuring employees enjoy an excellent work life balance.

Organizational chart (PDF, German)


Rolf Curschellas
Executive Director Human Resources Management

Mia Meyer
Head HR Consulting

Jessica Grossmann
Head of HR Service Center

Hella Kotrubczik
Head of HR Development & Further Education

Sandra Wittmer
Head of Directorate Staff​


University Hospital Zurich
Direktion HRM
Schmelzbergstrasse 24
8091 Zurich

Tel + 41 44 255 10 10

Facility Management

The Facility Management is divided into procurement, catering, hospitality, logistics and reception, corporate security and technical services.

Further information

Corporate Real Estate Management

​As the owner representative, the Corporate Real Estate Management ensures the timely provision and operation of buildings and medical technology required by clinics and institutes. It is responsible for the property management process. About 45 employees are in charge of the management and maintenance of UHZ properties and the planning of its infrastructure including replacements, renovations and new buildings.

Management Team

Dr. Eugen Schröder
Executive Director Corporate Real Estate Management

Daniela Knobel a.i.
Head of Portfolio Management

Jens Diele
Head of USZ – The Circle

Dr. Eugen Schröder a.i.

Sulamith Knellwolf a.i.
Head of Space Management

Hugo Battaglia a.i.
Head of Projects


University Hospital Zurich
Corporate Real Estate Management
Rämistrasse 100
8091 Zurich
ICT Office

The services provided by the ICT Office support the University Hospital Zurich's business processes. It ensures the highest availability of the IT infrastructure and its systems and provides support for the UHZ employees. With the implementation of information technology projects, the ICT Directorate makes a significant contribution to increasing the safety and quality of patient care and raises the efficiency and profitability of the UHZ on a sustained basis. Approximately 180 employees and trainees are organized in four areas.

ICT applications & services

The two divisions administrative and medical applications & services are responsible for the implementation, operation and further development of all specific software solutions. Our employees record user needs and carry out adjustments independently or with the support of software suppliers. The comprehensive life cycle management of the ICT applications is based on the UHZ strategy and focuses on technically high-quality and sustainable solutions.

ICT operations

The ICT operations division provides:

  • the access and support of an appropriate client infrastructure for medical areas and directories.
  • support for users in hardware and peripheral infrastructure issues and software applications.
  • a stable and high-performance system technology, which covers the entire data center operation, client engineering, the operation of the basic and communication services, the database-, software- and operating-system management as well as the license management.
  • the ensuring of an adequate network and telecommunications infrastructure as well as an appropriate network security infrastructure.
  • the review and design of the technical ICT architecture under consideration of the ICT strategy, ICT service requirements, safety, cost-effectiveness, quality and feasibility.
  • a reliable accessibility of the ICT service desk, which ensures the 1st level support in all ICT questions and the creation and administration of all accounts in the various systems.


ICT project, process & innovation management

The project, process & innovation management department carries out projects of all kinds according to a standardized methodology. Project managers ensure the delivery of appointments, costs and quality as part of the project contract. With our customers, we develop solution concepts from project ideas, carry out cost-efficiency calculations and sub-emissions.
Process management supports process analysis, process control, coaching and training within the projects.
The goal of innovation management is the systematic support of the entire innovation process, from generation of new ideas to their implementation in projects. The focus here is the sustained securing or improvement of company's position based on innovative solutions.

Staff position

The staff of the ICT office is subject to the service catalog of the Directorate. It defines and coordinates the ICT service management to the best possible support of medical and administrative processes at UHZ. Together with the corresponding business service representatives the needs are determined and evaluated.
The personnel and financial management of the ICT Directorate, as well as the provision of ICT Security, round off the tasks of the staff.

Organizational chart (PDF, German)


Martin Matter
Director ICT

Corsin Guntern
Leiter Stab

René Jappert
Bereichsleiter Administrative Applikationen & Services

Roland Naef
Bereichsleiter Medizinische Applikationen & Services

Reto Nussbaum
Bereichsleiter Operations

Philippe Waespe
Bereichsleiter Projekt-, Prozess- & Innvationsmanagement


University Hospital Zurich
Direktion ICT
Rämistrasse 100
8091 Zurich

Hospital Executive Board Staff

David Chaksad DavidDavid Chaksad Dr. iur.
Head of Hospital Executive Board Staff
Tel. +41 44 255 28 00



David Chaksad leads the staff of the hospital executive board and, in this function, the staff departments and the management secretariat. In addition, he supports the preparations for the operations of the hospital management and CEO and ensures the connection to the general secretariat of the hospital council. He is responsible for projects at CEO level and can be deployed by committees and committees for the UHZ.


Staff departments

Fabio FeubliFabio Feubli
Head of Digital Services
Tel. +41 44 255 13 42



Digital Services is the central contact point for all questions about UHZ websites, intranet and other digital products. Our area of responsibility is conception, professional operation and further development of these platforms. We also advise internal customers on digital issues and coordinate with internal experts and external service providers.

Giuliani Francesca Francesca Giuliani Dr. sc. nat.
Head of Quality Management and Patient Safety
Tel. +41 44 255 20 02



As a multiprofessional team, we contribute to continually improving of the quality and patient safety at the UHZ through our projects, expert contributions and measures. We manage and co-ordinate key initiatives of clinical quality and risk management. In addition, we support and advise our clinics and institutes, which are close to our patiens and provide a considerable part of the quality and risk management themselves.

Cindy MäderCindy Mäder
Head of Corporate Communications
Tel. +41 44 255 12 81


The team of corporate communications advises and supports the departments, institutes, divisions and directorates of UHZ in all aspects of internal and external communication. A central task is the entire active and reactive media work; The communications officers are also the official media speakers of the UHZ.

Peter ObristPeter Obrist lic. iur.
Head of Executive Office
Tel. +41 44 255 88 44


The Head of Executive Office is responsible for the preparation of executive board meetings and of the record.

Florian RajkiFlorian Rajki
Head of Marketing
Tel. +41 44 255 93 87


Marketing is implementing projects that strengthen the competitive position of the UHZ. We generate market knowledge, which is available for our clinics and projects. We are systematically strengthening the positioning of our umbrella brand "Universitity Hospital Zurich". We support the cooperation with our assignors as important partners. The satisfaction of our international and domestic patients is a great concern for us.

Male-Avatar.pngJohannes Theler Dr. iur.
Head of Legal Department
+41 44 255 97 87


The legal service is the central contact point for all legal questions of the UHZ. We advise and support all organizational units, lines and employees. We answer questions from the specialized areas of medicine law, medical ethics, health law, research law, general contract law, liability law, personnel law and social insurance law, data protection, intellectual property law and sub-licensing law. For patients, the legal service is a point of contact for patient-related questions, in particular for cross-clad files searches and in the case of potential civil liability cases.

The day-responsible lawyers are available at +41 44 255 38 05 or The Legal Compliance Officer is responsible for questions of supervisory compliance (such as the monitoring of intended use of KISIM). This is assigned to the hospital council and can be reached under +41 44 255 46 88.


Assistant / Secretary

Rahel Egli

Rahel Egli
+41 44 255 87 65

As an assistant of the staff of the hospital management, Rahel Egli is responsible for administrative processes in the professorships of UZH / UHZ. In addition, she supports the staff and management secretariat of the hospital management in their tasks and projects.

Claudia Indergand Claudia Indergand
+41 44 255 28 00


As an assistant of the staff of the hospital management, Claudia Indergand is primarily responsible for the UHZ Foundation's office, as well as assisting the CEO and staff chief.

Susanna MurerSusanna Murer
Assistant of the Chairman of the Executive Board / CEO
+41 44 255 96 57


Susanna Murer supports the CEO in all administrative and organizational matters.

Daniela Ialeggio ParlettaDaniela Ialeggio Parletta
Project Manager Hospital Executive Board Staff
+41 44 255 78 00

Daniela Ialeggio Parletta assists the head of the hospital executive board as well as the hospital management, is responsible for the financial control of both divisions and organizes and supports meetings, projects and events of the hospital management.



University Hospital Zurich
Management Secretariat
Raemistrasse 100​
8091 Zurich

Tel. +41 44 255 28 00
Fax +41 44 255 44 90