Facility Management

The Facility Management is divided into procurement, catering, facility services, patient hospitality, logistics and reception, corporate security and technical services. Approximately 1100 people from 40 countries ensure smooth operation. We also offer apprenticeships in various professions.


University Hospital Zurich
Direktion Betrieb
Rämistrasse 100
8091 Zurich


Renate Gröger Frehner
Executive Director Facility Management

Margrith Aebli
Head of Controlling Facility Management

Susanna Caravatti-Felchlin
Head of Facility Management Construction and Planning

Denise Gerber
Head of Procurement

Alexander Soland
Head of Logistics and Services

Brigitte Perret
Head of Catering

Karin Schaad
Head of Facility Services

Susanne Suter-Bitterli
Head of Patient Hospitality

Claudio Leitgeb
Head of Corporate Security

Raphael Wicky
Head of Technical Services

Supply Chain Management


Delivery address
University Hospital Zurich
Logistik- und Serivcezentrum
Zürcherstrasse 123 (Google Maps)
8952 Schlieren

The procurement office is responsible for all goods purchased for the UHZ, except medication which is ordered from the cantonal pharmacy (Kantonsapotheke Zürich) (German).

Suppliers are subject to our current conditions of purchase (German).

For contact details please refer to the organization chart (PDF, German).


Logistics coordinates the flow of goods from delivery to transportation to final disposal. Logistical duties also include the transportation of laboratory samples, delivery and collection of mail and the patient escort service. The material management team distributes the goods and the supply logistics unit ensures efficient management of items on the wards.


The services team attends to the requests and concerns of both visitors and staff at the UHZ. This team includes switchboard, information office, the lost & found office, laboratory tests transportation, the delivery and collection of the mailings as well as the patient accompanying service.

Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD)

Around the clock, the CSSD supplies 36 operating rooms of various specialties with sterilely packaged reusable medical devices.


Patient catering

A good meal promotes well-being. Our varied menus are designed to be tasty and satisfying for our patients.


A wide selection is awaiting you in our bistros and kiosks.


Our kitchens prepare over 4,500 fresh meals daily for a variety of guests, according to the latest nutritional research and guidelines.

Room rental

For your congress or symposium we can offer several attractive lecture halls with state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as beautiful foyers. The University Hospital is located in the heart of Zurich and is easily accessible by public transport. The University Hospital Zurich offers top quality at reasonable prices, close cooperation with selected, quality-conscious partners and a motivated team. Give us a call. We would be happy to take the time to advise you in a personal conversation.

Event documentation (PDF, German)
AGB Gastronomy (PDF, German)
Leaflet fire protection (PDF, German)

Patient hospitality

The UHZ hospitality looks after the welfare of the patients for all non-medical issues, such as the meal and beverage service.

Facility Services

Cleaning service

The cleaning service is responsible for preparing the patient rooms and ensuring the cleanliness and maintenance of all property, rooms and furniture.

Laundry service

The laundry service ensures delivery of clean laundry, work clothes and curtains and that collaboration with external laundry services is well-organized and efficient. This service is also responsible for bed preparation.

Corporate Security

Corporate Security

We ensure the safety of patients, visitors and staff at the UHZ. We provide the basis for environmentally friendly and sustainable hospital operation. This includes biological and chemical safety, protection from radiation, occupational safety, security and fire protection and the company fire brigade.

Security service

We ensure the safety of the entire UHZ site through our 24-hour emergency operations service, technical malfunction repair service, security mandates and inquiries in offenses, interventions and enforcement of the house law.

Technical services

Medical technology

Maintenance, inspection and repair of all kinds of medical equipment, consulting and project management.


Maintenance, inspection and repair of hospital facilities, buildings, equipment and furniture.

Organizational chart

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