Nursing and Allied Health Professions Office

The Nursing and Allied Health Professions Office is responsible for the nursing profession as well as medico-technical and medico-therapeutic professionals. Our objective is to provide exemplary service culture for patients, including the best conditions for superior quality of nursing and therapy.

We closely collaborate with nurse managers and allied health professions managers. A professional working environment ensures that all our employees can give their very best to patients. We create optimal working conditions by means of facilitative leadership, systematic professional development, progress-oriented education and targeted career advancement.



University Hospital Zurich
Direktion Pflege und MTTB
Rämistrasse 100
8091 Zurich


Nursing and Allied Health Professions Office

Katja Bruni
Co-Director of Nursing and Allied Health Professions a.i.

Nurse Managers and Allied Health Professions Managers

Regula Lanter
Nurse Manager, woman-child specialist

Annina Baltes-Wieser
Nurse Manager, heart-vascular-thorax specialist

Paula Adomeit
Nurse Manager, trauma-derma-rheuma-plastic surgery specialist and Nurse Manager, neuro-head specialist a.i.

Esther Linka
Nurse Manager, internal medicine-oncology specialist

Kuno Betschart
Nurse Manager, abdomen-metabolism specialist

Mirsada Misirlic
Nurse Manager, anesthesiology-intensive care-OR-management specialist

Karine Schreiber
Manager of Allied Health Care Professions Diagnostics¨

Thomas Berthold
Manager of Allied Health Care Professions Imaging Techniques


Office staff

Staff members support the Nursing and Allied Health Professions Office in the performance of their multiple tasks. They are contact persons for all questions concerning the Nursing and Allied Health Professions Office.

Mirjam Meier
Head of Directorate Staff

Data analysis

We use nursing process-based data for various calculations and analyses, for example cost accounting or process optimization. LEP (performance recording and process documentation in health care) is used in the entire nursing and allied health professions sector.

Mirjam Meier
Head of Directorate Staff

Processes and projects

The patient care process is the primary focus of our projects and process optimization measures. Our aim is to ensure patient satisfaction and safety as well as to secure employee satisfaction. Clinical processes should be synchronized and run smoothly as well as effectively.

Mirjam Meier
Head of Directorate Staff

Training and further education

To establish and develop a broad-based community of excellence in research, teaching and service, the University Hospital Zurich is committed to providing operational, professional and academic training and further education. By promoting the development of young talents, we ensure optimal health care for the future.

Eva-Maria Panfil, PhD RN
Head of Nursing and MTTB Allied Health Professions Education

Center of Clinical Nursing Science (CCNS)

Clinical nursing science, developing evidence-based guidelines and innovative patient care models form the indispensable foundation of best practice. In close dialogue with nursing practice, the Center of Clinical Nursing Science elaborates creative solutions for clinical problems, conducts development projects and establishes a basis for continuous improvement of patient outcomes.

Heidi Petry, Prof. Dr. phil.
Head of Center of Clinical Nursing Science

Social services

As an independent specialized professional group, social services belong to the multidisciplinary treatment team at the University Hospital Zurich. Our social services address patients' social challenges. Their support constitutes an important precondition for a successful healing process.

Brigitte Leroy-Wymann
Head of social services


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