Medical studies – clinical clerkship

The University Hospital Zurich is responsible for the majority of clinical training undertaken by the approx. 2000 students and doctoral candidates enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Zurich. With over 150 professors, it is the largest faculty of medicine in Switzerland. It maintains a close working relationship with the Office of Student Affairs at the Faculty of Medicine.

Many students of medicine from Switzerland and abroad spend part of their elective year or internship year at the UHZ as a student assistant. This enables them to expand their clinical/practical skills and learn to work independently using knowledge based on evidence.

Zurich's strong position in the international research rankings helps our students gain first-hand scientific experience during their study and establish new contacts.

Prerequisites for clinical electives at University Hospital Zurich

  • At least four years of medical study
  • Fluent German: certified ECL level C1
  • Applications of at least three months' duration in most subjects

More information available in German.

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