Staff accommodation

University Hospital Zurich staff members can rent furnished rooms or studios in one of our staff blocks. If you have any further questions on staff accommodation, please contact our customer service:

University Hospital Zurich
Rämistrasse 100
8091 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 255 34 20


The properties are all located near University Hospital Zurich and can be reached easily on foot or by public transport.

Please be aware that although we take your priorities into consideration when selecting a room for you, we cannot guarantee to meet them in all cases. The allocation of rooms is final and changes may not be requested.

The following restrictions apply: the rental period is limited to the duration of training or employment up to a maximum of two years. Due to the fact that these are temporary tenancy agreements, we do not adjust any reference rate fluctuations, either upwards or downwards. In studios a double occupancy by partner is allowed for max. 2 months against an extra charge of Fr. 200.-- /month

Smoking is not permitted in the rooms and studios provided by University Hospital Zurich. This includes all public spaces and private areas. However, it may be possible to move into a property equipped with a smoking area (on the balcony of each level or in front of the entrance to the building).

Free wifi is available throughout all properties. When moving in a cleaning fee must be paid. For the amount of the cleaning fee please see the list «costs cleaning fee» (German, PDF).

Accommodation description

See image gallery below

Bolleystrasse 13 (German, PDF)
Bolleystrasse 28 (German, PDF)
Bolleystrasse 40 (German, PDF)
Bolleystrasse 41 (German, PDF)
Bolleystrasse 45 (German, PDF)
Fliederstrasse 17 (German, PDF)
Haldenbachstrasse 14 (German, PDF)
Haldenbachstrasse 22 (German, PDF)
Haldenbachstrasse 31 (German, PDF)
Plattenstrasse 10 (German, PDF)
Vogelsangstrasse 10 (German, PDF)
Zürichbergstrasse 30 (German, PDF)

Rental prices (German, PDF)


Site plan (German, PDF)
House rules (PDF)
Facilities (German, PDF)