The team of online advisors may consult the specialists at the University Hospital Zurich at any time. In addition, the online consultants work together with specialists from Children's Hospital, from Balgrist and the Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine.

Leiterin USZ-Onlineberatung / Klinische Telemedizin, PD Dr. med. Maria Christiane Brockes PD Dr Maria Christiane Brockes MD
Head of UHZ Online Consulting / Clinical Telemedicine

Stellv. Leiterin USZ-Onlineberatung / Klinische Telemedizin, Allgemeine Innere Medizin FMH, Dr. med. Sabine Schmidt-Weitmann Dr Sabine Schmidt-Weitmann MD
Deputy Head of UHZ Online Consulting / Clinical Telemedicine
General Internal Medicine FMH

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