Online consultations

Online consultations make it simple to access the highly specialized knowledge of the University Hospital Zurich (UHZ). For CHF 75, you can ask a question and receive an expert answer from the UHZ without prior registration; you can pay by credit card or PostFinance Card.

Alternatively, read our answers to frequently asked questions.

We are here for you

We are happy to advise you on

  • Physical complaints and symptoms
  • Unclear diagnoses or test results
  • The effectiveness or side effects of treatment or medication
  • Questions regarding your personal health
  • General medical issues
Benefits of online consultations

The benefits of online consultations

  • Medical advice across all fields of medicine for CHF 75
  • An answer by email within 24 hours on workdays
  • The UHZ's many years of experience in online consulting
  • The latest scientific findings available immediately
  • Direct access to specialists
  • Absolute discretion and the highest level of security through encrypted data
  • Images may also be sent
  • Answers in the form of a written document
Please note

Please note the following

  • The more precise your question and the more detailed your information, the more effectively we can advise you.
  • The online consultation option should not to be used in an emergency.
  • You may also attach images and text files to your request.
Tips for taking photographs

So we can see what you want to show us

  • Choose a neutral background for your image, for example gray.
  • When photographing your palms, they should lie as flat as possible. The hand should be resting on a solid surface to prevent the photo from being blurry.
  • For optimal focus, the underlying surface should be parallel to the camera lens.
  • It is recommended to position lights or camera flashes on both sides of the object being photographed. It is recommended to use a good digital camera with high resolution and submit additional detailed images.
  • While setting the focus, ensure that you are focusing on the relevant body part rather than on the background.
Online consultations