​Information about Corona

Important notice
The USZ does not carry out screenings for persons without symptoms. If you don't have any symptoms, please contact the public hotlines for further information.
If you suspect that you may be infected with coronavirus, please do not come directly to the USZ emergency department
If you feel sick, have a fever or other flu-like symptoms, stay at home. If your symptoms deteriorate, call the medical hotline (Ärztefon) on 0800 33 66 55 or your general practitioner. Do not go to the doctor's office or to the hospital unless you are asked to do so. 

Patient visits and accompanying persons
Only people who do not have flu-like symptoms are able to visit patients. Visitors need a visitor authorization form, which is issued by the respective department in consultation with the patient.
In shared rooms, only two visitors are permitted at the same time. Visitors are therefore required to notify the respective department of their visit in advance.

An accompanying person is admitted who enters the hospital together with the patient. Written access authorization is not necessary.

Further information can be found on the German version of our website or the official website of the FOPH:

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