Internet (wifi)

The University Hospital Zurich (UHZ) offers its patients and visitors full wireless internet access (wifi) on the hospital grounds.

Patients and visitors

Guest internet is a free service that you can use on your private laptop, tablet or smartphone. A mobile phone is required for the instructions. Wifi instructions for patients and visitors as PDF to print out.

Guests workers

If you are on a work assignment in connection with the UHZ you can set up a guest internet account for a limited period of time. Give your email address and cell number to the contact person. You will receive a user name and password to log in with. Internet access for supervised guests with an account is free of charge.

Event attendees

Connect to the "unispital-public" wifi network. The login page appears automatically when you enter an address in the browser. You can then enter the guest account data that you have received from the organizers. Internet access is free of charge for event attendees.


If you study at the University of Zurich or at a public higher education institution, connect to your institute's VPN. This service is free of charge. Wifi instructions for students as PDF to print out (German).

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