Guest facility

Our guest house has six single rooms and six double rooms. Relatives and friends of patients can stay here during the hospitalization of their loved ones. The guest house is also available to patients who need a place to stay in Zurich before or after their visit to the hospital.


The rooms are equipped with a wardrobe, dresser, desk, shelf, chair, coffee table, luggage rack, flat screen TV, free wifi, telephone, fridge and kettle. Bathrooms and toilets are available along the hallway. A washing machine, vacuum cleaner, ironing board and iron are available in the laundry room. Visitors can cook for themselves in the kitchen on each floor or take meals in the staff canteen of the University Hospital Zurich.

Further information (PDF, German)


CHF 70 per night for a single room
CHF 90 per night for a double room


Bolleystrasse 45
8006 Zurich

Map (PDF)
6-minute walk (500 m) to the main entrance at Rämistrasse 100


Tel +41 44 255 34 20

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