Ombudsman's office

The role of the ombudsman's office is to mediate disagreements between the University Hospital Zurich and its patients. We enter into open and constructive discussions to find a satisfactory solution for all parties involved. The service is free for the requesting patient. Mediation requests and inquiries should be directed to the president, Monika Binkert.

Presidium of the Ombudsman Commission
Monika Binkert, Dr. iur.

RA Dr. iur. Monika Binkert
Presidium of the Ombudsman Commission USZ
Nussbaumstrasse 6F
8044 Gockhausen

Phone: +41 79 694 97 88


The USZ ombudsman's office

  • RA Dr. iur. Monika Binkert, President (Zurich)
  • Prof. Konrad Bloch (Deputy Director of the Department of Pulmonology, University Hospital Zurich)
  • Gabi Brenner (Director Nursing USZ)
  • Dr. Verena Broger, MD (GP, Zollikon)
  • Pastor Susanna Meyer Kunz (evang.-ref. Parish Office USZ)
  • Prof. Monique Pfaltz (Leading Physician, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy USZ)

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