What to bring

For an inpatient stay at the University Hospital Zurich (UHZ), we recommend you bring the following:

Important documents

Please bring in all of the following documents with you:

  • Personal ID (identity card, passport or residence permit)
  • Completed and signed admission form if you haven't already sent it to us
  • Insurance card (health insurance, accident certificate or IV disability insurance ruling)
  • Appointment invitation from the hospital or doctor's referral papers
  • Documents from prior examinations (x-rays, medical reports, etc.)
  • Blood group and vaccination card, allergy ID, diabetes monitoring booklet or other medical ID cards
Personal belongings
  • Comfortable clothing (e.g. t-shirts, a tracksuit, dressing gown or bathrobe)
  • Underwear, socks
  • Pajamas or nightgown
  • Slippers or sneakers
  • A small amount of cash (e.g. for the kiosk), or bank card for the ATM
  • Your toiletry bag: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, comb, deodorant, razors, etc. (towels and bed linen are provided by the University Hospital Zurich)
  • Books and magazines (you can also use our library)
  • Electronic entertainment devices (music, movies and games; use with headphones only please)
  • If necessary: glasses, contact lenses, hearing aid(s) (with spare battery), walker
  • Your private laundry can be cleaned for a charge at the UHZ if you stay with us for several days.
  • It is best if you leave valuables, credit cards, etc. at home as the UHZ assumes no responsibility for your personal belongings
  • Pets are not allowed to accompany you
If available