Patient data

Please include the following information in your referral

  • First and last name of the patient
  • Address
  • Telephone number (where the patient can reached during the day)
  • Date of birth
  • Insurance/category
  • Reason for referral/questions
Data protection and secure emails

For data protection reasons, please do not send patient information by fax. In urgent cases, a fax number may be obtained by calling the relevant department or clinic.

The UHZ provides secure email correspondence. Doctors, laboratories and clinics send sensitive data such as patient registrations, laboratory findings and discharge reports in compliance with data protection laws. The data is encrypted and signed prior to sending.

Secure data exchange is only possible via HIN (Health Info Net). This means that you need an HIN email account in order to exchange encrypted data with the UHZ. Further information and conditions can be found on the HIN website.

General procedure

We avoid repeating examinations already carried out by the general practitioner by using data reconciliation. We discuss any significant changes to treatment regimes in advance with the referring physician. The UHZ will provide information via telephone about possible complications, transfers to other hospitals or death.

We always refer patients back to the general practitioner following treatment at the UHZ. A short report will be sent to you by priority mail or email (depending on your request) at time of discharge and a copy will be given to the patient. You should receive the final discharge report within 14 days.

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