Laboratory diagnostics

University Center for Laboratory Medicine and Pathology (UCL)

The UCL unites the diagnostic laboratories of the institutes and clinics of the University Hospital and the University of Zurich. The range of tests available includes virtually all tests recognized in Switzerland. They can be viewed online at UCL Information System.

Findings are usually sent by letter or secured e-mail to external senders.
For inquiries about findings or other subject-specific information, please contact the commissioned laboratory directly.

For regular external clients, a pick-up service for samples is available. The costs depend on sales and distance. General questions answered Christine Genné, UCL office.


University Hospital Zurich
University Center for Laboratory Medicine and Pathology (UCL)
Administration office
Rämistrasse 100/OPS D 23
8091 Zurich

Tel +41 44 255 22 61
Fax +41 44 255 45 90

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