Areas of research

Basic research

A central objective of science and research is to acquire knowledge about the fundamental interrelationships of nature. Basic research is particularly important: it is the starting point for medical and technical innovations and aims to make sustainable developments for the benefit of our patients and society.

Regenerative medicine

The aim of carrying out research on cell-based regenerative therapies at the University Hospital Zurich (UHZ) is to heal previously incurable diseases or trauma through the restoration of diseased tissues or organs. This enables us to develop better treatments for patients with cancer, diabetes, body adiposity (obesity), Parkinson's or coronary heart disease.

Personalized medicine

Personalized medicine aims to tailor the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of a disease to the individual genetic makeup of a patient. Our research in the field of personalized medicine is promising: it assures more accurate diagnoses, effective treatments, reliable risk assessments, better drugs and preventative measures.

Highly specialized medicine

The cantonal government is strengthening the Zurich region through its strategy, Gesamtstrategie Hochspezialisierte Medizin (comprehensive strategy for highly specialized medicine). The objective is to utilize the synergies between research and clinical practice. On the one hand, clinical care should remain competitive. On the other hand, the limited resources should be focused efficiently on profitable areas of medicine. The UHZ benefits greatly from its intensive networking activities.

Nursing care research

Clinical nursing care research at the UHZ collaborates with nursing professionals to develop innovative solutions for improved patient well-being. Evidence-based guidelines are the foundation for the continuous improvement of patient outcomes.

Health services research

Health services research at the University Hospital makes an essential contribution to the urgently needed modernization of the Swiss health care system. As an institution, we are developing concrete measures to optimize the quality of care and enhance efficiency.

Center for Medical Research

The path from a discovery in the laboratory to the sale of a new medication in the pharmacy is long. Extensive preliminary investigations and clinical trials are needed before it can be approved. New drug-free treatment methods must also meet strict requirements. For this reason, the UHZ has established the Clinical Trials Center together with the University of Zurich.

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