Participation in clinical trials

Medicine thrives on progress. New advances in medicine save lives and improve the quality of life for an increasing number of people. Progress includes the many small steps that we at the University Hospital Zurich (UHZ) take together with patients who volunteer to participate in clinical trials.


Clinical studies on patients or healthy volunteers are needed to test the efficacy and safety of new medications and treatments. Studies provide answers to scientific questions, improve medical treatment options and provide tangible benefits for future patients. Every clinical trial must be previously approved by the Cantonal Ethics Committee.

Voluntary participation

We would be very grateful if you, our patient, would agree to participate in a study if asked. Of course, you may refuse to consent or withdraw at any time for any reason without notice. The quality of medical treatment that you receive will not be affected. Nevertheless, participants benefit directly from the advancements in knowledge gained through UHZ research and the development of new treatment options benefits many others.

Privacy policy

As part of our studies, we evaluate the results and medical information gained from a particular treatment. We respect your privacy rights and comply strictly with the data protection legislation. The data will be used and processed only within the framework of your permission.

Research and ethics

The Cantonal Ethics Committee of Zurich is responsible for the approval of clinical research projects in the Canton of Zurich and therefore for the UHZ. When a study application is filed, the ethics committee verifies whether the applicable ethical principles will be respected. They must also confirm that the scientific and medical quality of the proposed study justifies the trial.

Cantonal Ethics Committee of Zurich (German)

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